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University Preparation Programme

The University Preparation Programme is one of the main pillars of our education activities, that we launched in 2017.

The programme addresses the needs of young Romani students from the age of 16. It provides them with support that makes up for the disadvantages they acquired as a result of systemic racism, segregation from early childhood to adolescence.

Our students receive an average 600 hours of group courses and 600 hours of individual coaching annually. Depending on their personal needs, students typically spend one or two years in the program.

The focus areas of the programme include:

Subject-based preparation courses

A key component of the programme is the preparation for high school graduation exams that also serve as entrance exams to higher education. Students typically take one or two afternoon courses for the year.
Our faculty boasts outstanding teaching personnel from leading Budapest-based public and private schools.

Language classes

Recognizing the importance of the adequate command of the English language, most of our students attend our English classes.

Romaversitas Sundays

Once every month we organize full-day community and skills-development sessions.
These weekends also provide an opportunity for our preparation and university programme’s students to meet each other and alumni members.

Mentoring and career-counselling

As personal attention is one of the key values of our education programmes, we provide both a personal mentor and a career-counsellor for each student to assist them in their personal journeys towards higher education.

Study grant

The University Preparation Programme students receive financial support to cover internet fees, as well as IT equipment to ensure better access to education.

Furthermore, students in need can apply for crisis grants.

Mental health consultation

Mental health professionals volunteer their services for our students.