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Our activities

The two main pillars of our educational activities are: university preparation programme and the university programme.

Our educational programme provides:

• tutoring and language education,
• skill development,
• community building activities, and
• opportunities to enhance Roma identity.

We provide scholarships and year-long tailor-made education programs to help Romani students acquire academic degrees.

For students who aspire to get into higher education we place the main emphasis on subject-based and skills-focused sessions to prepare them for university entrance exams.

For Romani students who are already studying at universities, we provide language courses and training sessions which strengthen their skills, and also allow them to acquire a strong sense of belonging to the Romani community.

We also aspire to help young Romani activists acquire paid internship and job opportunities. Therefore, we have projects that allow our students and alumni to gain knowledge and experience in Roma-related topics, in the field of policy analysis, community organizing and advocacy.

University Preparation Programme

Programme for University Students

Advocacy, Community organizing, Policy analysis

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