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Our vision and mission

– Roma education in the spotlight

In the last two decades, the expansion of education for Roma has been apparent in Europe. However, with rare expectations, still not more than 20-25 percent of Roma continue education after compulsory education in their countries. The gap between Roma and non-Roma students is still comparable to the size of the Black-White test score gap in the United States in the 1980s.

In the field of education, the difference between a Roma and non-Roma student is just as big as the difference between the educational system of Denmark and Tunisia – the gap is big as a continent.

Based on the most optimistic approaches, three times more non-Roma graduates from secondary school than Roma; and eight times more non-Roma admitted to university than Roma.

In Romaversitas we believe that creating our narrative and changing the current ones is essential for social change. The most important means to this change is education.
Our vision is the strong Roma intelligentsia who advocate for their communities’ and shape their own narratives. For this objective, we support young Roma women and men to acquire academic degrees, build their communities, strengthen their identities and develop their knowledge.

The core values of our educational activities include providing a safe space for our students, helping our communities grow and maintaining academic excellence. We create a student-oriented environment with special focus on personal attention.

Based on our best practice model, Roma Education Fund established a RomaVersitas Network in Eastern-Europe and in the Western-Balkan countries.

SOLIDAR awarded Romaversitas with the Silver Rose in the category of Building Learning Societies.