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Our students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Some of them are the first ones in their families to obtain university degrees, while others come from intellectual backgrounds.

We have supported hundreds of Romani students to acquire university degrees. Romaversitas graduates hold degrees from various universities. Their professional paths vary widely — they become doctors, bankers, teachers, lawyers, social workers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs — they are all united by a shared experience as students of Romaversitas.

Our alumni network includes among others: Dr. Ernő Kállai former minority ombudsman, Dr. Zsuzsanna Orsós cancer researcher and biologist, András Kállai contemporary artist, Sándor Csányi actor, and dr. Vivien Brassói human rights lawyer.

“In Romaversitas, I have always felt that I am not surrended by students, but by friends.”


“For me the most important benefit was growing my command of English from A1 level to B2 level in a matter of nine months. I do not like the online space, however, English classes were even more fun in the online space. There was a lot of companionship.”


“The best experience for me was learning about the Roma and get to know Romani heroes.”


“What I love the most about Romaversitas is that there is always someone to talk to. I have never received such a tailor-made assistance anywhere else.”