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Support Roma education
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Our vision is a strong Romani intelligentsia that is capable of asserting the interests of Roma communities and creating narratives for Roma People.

Our mission is providing assistance for young Roma to

  • acquire academic degrees,
  • strengthen their skills,
  • shape their identity and
  •  empower them to build resilient communities.

The future Romani intelligentsia in Hungary needs allies, like you.

Only a strong Romani intelligentsia is capable of changing the paradigm and self-defining the narratives of Romani communities, which is essential for lasting social change.

If you are committed to social justice and believe that providing access to quality education helps balancing systemic inequalities, donate to Romaversitas. Your contribution empowers Roma communities by making sure that Roma youths have a chance to acquire academic degrees.

All of our programs are tuition-free, but they are not created free of charge. Just like any other employers, Romaversitas has to pay for a dedicated workforce committed to social change.


• 5 EUR covers more than one English class for a student,
• 15 EUR covers a student’ monthly internet access,
• 20 EUR covers a training or mentoring session for our students,
• 100 EUR donation covers one month of tutoring, mentoring and language class for a young Romani student

Donate to Romaversitas and become an ally of a future Romani Intellectuals.

You can donate through PayPal:

Bank account:
IBAN: HU43117080012053444800000000

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Our private donors have written the following messages of support to us:

“I wish you to not give up your dreams, not even among these tough circumstances.”


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“I am also a university student, I hope that through my donation, I can help someone finish the semester.”


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“Thank you for informing me about the campaign. Let me know if I can be of further help as a university instructor.”


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“We are with you. There is nothing more important in a society than education, therefore we have to make sure that everyone receives it.”


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